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Learning to paint is difficult. To make an analogy of the learning process: Imagine that you are tasked to learn a difficult subject solely from reading books. And then you find that the books are in Sanskrit!

And so it is with Art. The complexity of learning to paint is a function of its many aspects. The ‘Language of Art’ includes the craft of painting-its technique. Without a grasp of that, your lost. But with it, you still only have half the package. The content, the most fun part, awaits.

The critical element in Art education is learning to see as an artist. It’s hard, but the shortcuts all lead to the same place, and its not a very attractive one. When you begin to visually comprehend the world around you, things will open up. Technique begins to take care of itself. A growing confidence always follows a technique that is observation-driven. Reacting spontaneously to nature becomes the norm. That’s your birthright as an artist. Don’t trade it for dubious formulas or techniques.

I believe that a good workshop begins at four o’clock of the final day. My goal is to put my students on a path that is self-sustaining, where an ever-increasing visual under- standing drives the painting process.

My classes include lecture/demonstrations as well as emphasis on individual assistance.
All classes are open to all levels-beginner to advanced. I look forward to painting with you. Let the fuin begin!
Frank LaLumia